How to Keep Up With Blogging- I suck at it.

Well Hi! Wait…Where the hell have I been??  You may ask. Well.  I really haven’t mastered the art of how to keep up with blogging. I know I know.  I kinda dropped off the blogosphere.  I’m sorry.   Here’s why: 1.  I decided to bite the bullet and open my … Continue reading

The Good and Bad of a Clean Eating Diet

Hi everyone! Well I wasn’t able to post last week.  Sometimes real life jobs get in the way of blogging.  Boo. But… I weighed in this morning at 159 pounds.  A one pound gain isn’t that big of a deal. And according to my diet last week, I’m pretty happy … Continue reading

Back on the Weight Loss Wagon

Oh HI! I think it’s safe to say that I’m back on the weight loss wagon! I weighed in at 158.0 this week.  That is a one pound weight loss! Now- I used to think that a one pound weight loss per week sucked.  And I would be dissappointed.  And … Continue reading

I Think I Found My Motivation

I weighed in this morning at 159.2. I think I found my motivation to get back on a healthy diet and exercise schedule. I KNOW.  I’m excited too! I had lost it for awhile.  Took a break.  Got a little lazy. And for me, when I’m not working out regularly, … Continue reading

Terrifying Tornadoes and Mommy Guilt

Hi friends, I didn’t post yesterday- I got busy, and then the tornado in Oklahoma hit. Source So many prayers sent to all those families affected. Today I’m sitting at work, thinking about how precious time really is- and how I dropped both my babies off at daycare and school … Continue reading

Raise Lupus Awareness- Put On Purple for Lupus Friday, May 17

lupus awareness

  I will be wearing purple this Friday, May 17th in an effort to spread Lupus awareness. I first read about Lupus when I was about 10.  I read a book about a girl who was like me, but then diagnosed and fell victim to Lupus.  It was one of … Continue reading

Mother’s Day Musings

I weighed in this morning at 161. I’m not even upset by that.  After the last week I’ve had full of sickness, birthday parties, and Mother’s Day- I’d say that only a two pound gain is FANTASTIC.  GO ME. I really had high hopes to get three workouts in last … Continue reading

Healthy Recipes- Southwest Black Bean Salad

black bean salad

I made chicken fajitas the other night for Cinco de Mayo, but didn’t want to eat the tortillas so I made this Southwest black bean salad to go with it. I almost didn’t want to post this because it is SOOOO EASY.  But if you have read this blog before … Continue reading

The Truth About My Girls Weekend

Oh Hai! Well I weighed in this morning at 159.   Last week I was in recovery mode.  I posted on Monday how I had a wonderful girls weekend away with a bunch of mommy friends and we laughed and relaxed and had a grand ole time. But what I … Continue reading