Hooligan Harry- Elf on the Shelf Memes

This is what happens when I go for a run.  My mind wonders and I start thinking about random crap.  Some of it is useful.  But this- this is for my benefit.


I present to you:

Elf on the Shelf MEMES. 


excited buddy the elf gif


Yes, I’m aware that I might need a new hobby… 


Harry made you some sprinkles. 
Elf o the shelf meme


Harry likes to babysit.  elf on the shelf meme


He’s kind of a creeper. 
elf on the shelf meme


Harry wants you to be creative.
elf on the shelf meme


Harry is such a joker.  <nervouslaughter>
elf on the shelf


Well we don’t want to wake the baby.
elf on the shelf meme


Such a good helper, that Harry. 
elf on the shelf meme


How about you?  If you feel the need to create your own, I’ve created a tumblr JUST FOR THIS.  I know.  You’re welcome.  It’s like my little Christmas gift to web land.

 Elf on the Shelf Memes!


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