Tulle Snowman Wreath Tutorial

My friend, Jill, over at Baby Rabies posted a tutorial on how to make a tulle Santa wreath.


I was totally inspired by this, so I’ve created a Tulle Snowman Wreath!



Tulle Snowman Wreath tutorial


This is a super easy tutorial.

Step 1.  Gather supplies:

Snowman Wreath tutorial

I used:

  • three different sized wreath forms
  • three rolls of tulle
  • floral wire
  • santa hat
  • red wired ribbon for scarf

The wreath forms were from the dollar bin at Target and the tulle is from WalMart.  I also used a santa hat and red wire ribbon which was found at Dollar Tree.  The cost of this wreath is under $10.

I took my tulle and wrapped it around a shoe box lid in order to cut it into strips.

Tulle Snowman Wreath tutorial


I cut along the top edge to create a whole bunch of strips that I then tied around my wreath forms.

When the strips are all tied- you can fluff your little snowman to make him look fuller.

tulle snowman wreath tutorial


Once I had all three wreaths covered in tulle, I attached them to each other using floral wire.  I then added my Santa hat and scarf and secured with paper clips.  (It was the closest thing I had on hand to secure it with)

Tulle Snowman Wreath Tutorial


This was a very easy and fun project to complete, the only time consuming part is tying all the strips onto the wreath forms.

Do you have a favorite holiday craft?



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  1. Missy says:

    How long are the strips of tulle?

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